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Massachusetts MBTA Communities

Basic information about the requirements for multi-family zoning in MBTA Communities

The state’s compliance model & components

Arlington MBTA Communities Working Group & Action Plan

Working Group on – View proposed MBTA Communities maps, recordings of public meetings, and the Working Group’s upcoming meetings

Arlington’s MBTA Communities Action Plan – ref Section 3.2 “Non-Housing Characteristics” – “preserving and expanding the Town’s street tree canopy.” 

Contact the Working Group:

Massachusetts Tree Regulations

Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 87: Shade Trees

Arlington Tree Regulations and Management

Tree protection bylaw – Title V, Article 16 – “preservation of the tree canopy and planting of replacement trees is essential to preserving the character and aesthetic appearance of the Town and maintaining the quality of life and the environment in the Town.”

Tree Division of the Department of Public Works – view Arlington’s street tree inventory, Arlington’s public street tree management plan, and contact information

Tree Committee – established in 2010 by the Arlington Select Board. The mission of the Committee is to support the Tree Warden and promote the protection, planting, and care of trees in Arlington

Other Arlington Reference Materials

Arlington’s Master Plan – Article 4, The Environment: Recognizing the fragility of our natural resources, we must ensure that Arlington’s residential areas, commercial centers, and infrastructure are developed in harmony with environmental concerns.

Arlington Housing Plan – 5 -Year Plan: “Make equitable access to shared green spaces and a healthy living environment a priority for siting affordable homes.”

Arlington Net Zero Action PlanCommunity and stakeholder input was consistent: by an overwhelming majority, respondents view climate change as a serious crisis (July 2020 survey, 87 percent of respondents rated climate change as “Extremely Important” to them personally).” “….. Support was strong for building efficiency and electrification measures, for making walking, biking, and public transit more attractive, for planting more trees, and for greening Arlington’s electricity supply”  Net Zero Buildings High Priority Measures: NB13: Promote the planting of trees on private property.

Exploring Urban Ecology, Closing the Gap & Enhancing Urban Biodiversity in the Town of Arlington, Tufts Urban Environmental Policy and Planning, June 2023: “Trees have been widely recognized as the main provider of ecosystem services in urban areas.

Arlington’s 2022-2029 Open Space and Recreation Plan

Arlington’s Residential Design Guidelines

2019 Mill Brook Corridor Report

Other References

SITES information SITES is a rating system that guides, evaluates and certifies a project’s sustainability in the planning, design, construction and management of landscapes and other outdoor spaces.

Typical neighborhood street near Mass Ave.
Pocket park near the center of Town.